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  • Quebec 1% Training Tax (Bill 90)
  • Quebec Pay Equity (Bill 35
  • Government Grants
  • Quebec Design Tax Credits
  • Business process and needs analysis
  • Information Technology selection
  • Information Technology implementation

Morrie Weinberg

Morrie Weinberg & Associates Inc. (MWA) provides creative, personalized business consulting services to companies that need to address government compliance issues, want to take advantage of government grants and tax credits, and want to enhance their functionality, productivity, employee performance/morale - all with the goal of improving their profitability and competitive position.


Morrie Weinberg and his associates deliver customized consulting solutions within a very specialised and focused array of service offering. Our experience has proven that every client environment has its own issues, needs, culture and specific challenges and we must adapt our solutions to suit each situation and entrepreneur.

Morrie and his team have assisted hundreds of companies in:

  1. Addressing government compliance issues to:
    a. Eliminate government audit exposure
    b. Avoid paying monies unnecessarily
    c. Recovering money paid in error

  2. MWA clients benefit from proven strategy and results that have often been audited by Revenue Quebec and/or the CNESST with no consequences.
  3. Identifying and coordinating all aspects of government grants and tax credits to:
    a. Bring additional funding into a corporation with no payback responsibility
    b. Make projects possible that might otherwise never happen

  4. MWA clients benefit from our connections with multiple Provincial and Federal agencies and their representatives that allow us stay aware of the constantly changing opportunities and help us to maximize our clients' benefits from the various programs.
  5. Improving their functionality, efficiency, and overall productivity to:
    a. Maximize employees' performance and contribution
    b. Improve employee morale
    c. Ensure accurate and timely management information
    d. Enhance competitive position
    e. Improve profitability

All MWA consulting mandates are staffed by Morrie and/or other senior, bilingual, consultants with substantial experience in their fields of endeavour. We do not employ any junior consultants. Our wide array of specialists in virtually every consulting field ensures a smooth and cohesive consulting experience for our clients. We can provide "one-stop" shopping!


Morrie Weinberg is a graduate of McGill University and a Certified Management Consultant with 40 years of business consulting background and experience. Prior to starting his own consulting practice in 2005, Morrie ran consulting practices for three Montreal accounting firms.

We work very hard at establishing "relationships or partnerships" with our clients rather than just providing a service and disappearing from the map. Many of our clients engage us initially on one matter and are still dealing with us 10/20/30 years later for a variety of different needs. We often act as facilitators or architects of change because we have earned our clients' respect and trust.

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