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3185, boulevard de la Gare, bureau 503, Vaudreuil-Dorion (Québec), J7V 0P8

Telephone: 514 240-6116


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  • Relocation, coordination of home/office
  • Rejuvenation and estate distribution.

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Renée Blanchette

We help you reorganize your living arrangements. Whether you want to move to a new home, freshen up your living arrangements, or divide up an estate, we take your transitional projects to heart. Our clients include the elderly, young retirees, professionals.

We listen very carefully so we can assess your situation, offer solutions adapted to your circumstances, and support you throughout your transition project.

Our goals are to:

  • fully understand the personal, material, and logistical aspects of your project whether it is relocation, refreshing your space or liquidating an estate
  • thoughtfully respond to your requests and re-evaluate them if necessary.
  • plan the various stages involved in carrying out your project.
  • facilitate interaction among everyone involved.

Your well-being and peace of mind are central to our concerns. Here is how we do it:

  • Help you in the transition to a new space or to new living arrangements.
  • Handle all of the logistics and organization behind your home/office rejuvenation project.
  • Facilitate the distribution of an estate.

A broad range of services

At Entourage, our services are aimed above all at maintaining your quality of life. We can offer one-off project management services or turnkey services, depending on your needs. Our reputation is built on providing excellent service, offering professional expertise, and honouring our commitments. Our goal is to assist you responsively and efficiently.

Here is an overview of our services.


Relocation, or rehousing, to a smaller or more functional space is an important step in a life transition project. One must consider every aspect of this change, depending on whether it is desired or dictated by circumstance. Divesting oneself of certain possessions and moving into a new space can be highly stressful. Entourage is here to help you every step of the way, and we have the human, material, and logistical resources to do so.

Home or business rejuvenation

Reorganizing a space, updating the décor, completely redecorating, and painting are all ways of breathing new life into your living arrangements. Entourage can facilitate the steps to make changes that meet your needs. Let us guide you and make your dreams come true.

Estate distribution

Whether it be with bequests, selection of beneficiaries, creating an inventory, or other steps, our team can help you carry out tasks related to distributing your property. We can advise you and provide reassurance that you are making the best decisions. We can prepare and dispose of goods by drawing up an inventory with family members, with or without the assistance of an evaluator. For valuable items, we coordinate with experts in evaluating art, paintings, musical instruments, antiques, etc. Our evaluators are accredited and specialized in sale by auction or to galleries.