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Pierre Frégeau

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  • What are the different steps I need to take to solve my legal problems?
  • How can I ensure that my husband and children will be financially secure should I pass away in the near future?
  • How do I fire a bad employee?
  • My sister and I co-own a revenue property, how do I get my money out?

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Pierre Frégeau

I am the founder and senior associate of Frégeau & Associates Inc. I have 35 years of practice in Québec, and I am an experienced attorney holding degrees in both civil and common law. For 30 years, I have taught several law courses at the university level and I continue to enjoy animating information sessions on various legal topics including the rights of the intellectually handicapped and their families.

I pride myself on closing files by resolving the conflict either through informed negotiations or moving quickly and cost-effectively towards a hearing before the courts. This results from leading my firm with an analytical and decisive approach to problem-solving, effective use of modern technology combined with deep respect for the opinions and contributions of all individuals around us.

My staff and I are experienced litigation lawyers before the courts in Québec including the court of Appeal. We practice in various areas of Civil Law and Family Law all while providing services for families of individuals with intellectual disabilities. In addition, we also provide a variety of services for entrepreneurs as well as owners of small businesses. Our services extend beyond the areas of legal expertise available in house with our firm's commitment to finding and retaining any supplemental or specialized knowledge at a cost proportionate to the problem at hand.

We are a knowledgeable team who assesses and addresses clients' needs quickly and effectively. We are committed to our clients' and work towards strategically fulfilling our mandates and maintaining our client's highest level of trust. We guide individuals, families and businesses through the challenges they face all while defending their interests and assuring that their needs are met. Our ultimate goal is to provide outstanding services tailored to your specific situation.

Moreover, the members of the firm are actively involved in several and varied community organizations such as the West Island Association for Intellectual Handicaps, the Québec Special Olympics, Summit School, Centre of Dreams and Hopes, I Can Dream Theatre etc.

Pierre Fregeau