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Marco Della Rocca

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  • Strategic questions to ask before considering a move
  • Surveying what's available in the Montreal commercial real estate marketplace
  • Various leasing options available to your company
  • Enhancing your negotiation position
  • Renegotiation of existing leases
  • Interesting subleasing opportunities

Marco Della Rocca

Marco Della Rocca is a Montreal commercial real estate specialist with Office Space Montreal, helping companies look beyond their space requirements to find solutions that assist them in the growth of their businesses while minimizing operating costs. In the Montreal commercial real estate field since 2006, Marco has helped numerous businesses in various industries with their office and industrial space needs.

With almost two decades of work experience, Marco has held numerous management positions at some of the most respected multinational companies in the country. He has held positions in the hospitality, pharmaceutical and financial services industries at the following firms:

  • Corporate Account Manager with Le Centre Sheraton Montreal
  • Manager of Customer Service & Production Planning with Hoechst Marion Roussel (now Sanofi Aventis), and prior to this at Astra Pharma (now AstraZeneca)
  • Regional Marketing & Sales Manager - Eastern Canada with Assante Wealth Management

Marco has also helped many companies in their marketing and business development efforts as a marketing consultant. His background as a business owner and strategic business consultant, along with his years of sales and management experience in the corporate world, have provided him with a unique perspective in understanding and relating to the numerous and varied needs of his clients.

Three Important Items to Consider in Montreal Commercial Real Estate

Using the services of a commercial real estate broker comes down to 3 simple but important items that all tenants need to consider in their lease negotiations. This is how Marco Della Rocca and his Montreal commercial real estate team helps his clients to be best represented..

Situational Analysis

  • Review client's existing lease
  • Understand current and future business and space requirements
  • Define important parameters to consider in negotiations

Market Intelligence

  • Survey the Montreal commercial real estate marketplace and match client's needs
  • Expose the client to market opportunities and various leasing options available to them
  • Explain the supply and demand forces affecting their decision
  • Compare the differences between various building options that affect the bottom line and the ultimate cost to the client

Negotiate the Best Possible Deal

  • Enhance the client's negotiation position
  • Obtain the best possible deal from the building owner
  • Explain how we save the client money in their lease negotiations (either for a new lease or an existing lease needing renegotiation)
  • Emphasize the importance of how to best renegotiate an existing lease
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