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Del Chatterson, MBA, P.Eng.
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  • Strategic planning
  • Business diagnostics
  • Business Plans & Financing
  • Performance & Profit Improvement
  • Interim management & Management coaching
  • Business development
  • E-business strategy

Del Chatterson

DirectTech Solutions delivers management consulting solutions for corporate strategy, business plans, financing, performance improvement, business development programs, and e-business strategy.


Del Chatterson is the President of DirectTech Solutions. He is an experienced entrepreneur, executive and management consultant with a background in high technology, distribution, general management, sales and marketing. He is an engineer from UBC with an MBA from McGill. He was a senior manager with Alcan Aluminum and AES Data, and has prior consulting experience at Coopers & Lybrand. He owned and operated a computer products distribution company in Montreal which he grew from zero to a $20 million business. He knows how to successfully introduce new products, manage sales teams, and support rapid growth. He has also worked with several Internet ventures and many other start-ups. Del is our specialist in developing corporate strategy and business plans for growing businesses and in assisting companies to achieve real value from their e-commerce initiatives.


DirectTech Solutions specializes in working with medium-sized, owner-managed businesses. Businesses that are going in a new direction or just want to move to the next level of performance.

If you need access to more time, talent, knowledge, skills and experience to pursue the opportunities or respond to the challenges of your business, then call DirectTech Solutions.

For solutions that are creative, practical and delivered.


SNAP™ Review
A Strategic Needs Assessment and Performance Review of the strategic positioning and operating performance of your business by an experienced, objective professional resource will help you assess your market conditions, competition, organisational strengths and weaknesses, and product and service offerings. We will consider feedback from customers and employees to evaluate performance and productivity. Together we will develop a strategic action plan for the future.

Business Plans
For new financing, introducing strategic partners or sale of your business, a Business Plan will be required. Our approach to business plans has been developed from a consolidation of best practices adjusted by our own experience as entrepreneurs and consultants. We have found that the greatest value of the business plan lies in the management planning process, more than the final document. Each new venture or business initiative also has its unique characteristics that must be considered.

E-business Strategy
Our consultants have helped many traditional manufacturing and distribution businesses to take advantage of the Web. Developing an agreed strategic plan to increase sales, reduce costs, improve customer service and enhance corporate image, followed by an action plan and project management support to implement the most appropriate Internet technologies.

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